'Game of Thrones’ Spoiler: Did Sophie Turner Drop Clues Revealing How Wars Would End?

After more than a year of fans trying to scrape the barrel for spoilers regarding “Game of Thrones” season 8, a few of them were in plain sight all along. 

The main culprit is Sophie Turner, who just about a year ago, got a tattoo of a direwolf with the quote, “The pack survives.” The direwolf represents House Stark, who we now know live to see most of the realm under their control. This includes Turner’s character, Sansa Stark. 

Turner’s tattoo artist, Lauren Winzer, posted the photo of the tattoo in June of 2018. 

In an interview with James Corden on “The Late Late Show,” Turner convinces fans that the tattoo means nothing in terms of how the show will end, claiming it’s “just a quote from last season.” 

Now that Bran Stark is sitting on the throne presiding over six kingdoms, Sansa is on a throne of her own in the North, Arya Stark is off to explore uncharted lands, and Jon Snow is out reunited with his direwolf, we know that the pack does, in fact, survive. 

Turner even took to Instagram on Tuesday morning with a photo from set and the caption, “The pack survived.” 

The spoiler was under fans’ noses the whole time

On top of that, Turner’s hairstyle in the final moments of the “Game of Thrones” season finale could very well be a hint of its own that’s stirring up some buzz. Considering the tattoo oversight, it’s totally worth considering.

In depicting Sansa in recent episodes, Turner has worn her hair in a series of elaborate, braided styles. However, in the final scenes of the episode showing her coronation, Sansa’s hair rests humbly on her shoulders, completely down and without intricacy. 

This may seem like a simple detail, but in a 2017 interview with Refinery29, Turner tells a different story. “There’s always a pattern,” she says of the many Sansa hairstyles, “Sansa’s hair is constantly reflecting the people she’s learning from, or mimicking, or inspired by at the time.” 

Fans have seen Sansa go from intricate braids to darkness to regal – and at the finale's end, she sports a simple, just-brushed look. Fans can only imagine this means that Sansa has come into her own as a ruler with nothing left to prove. 

The style bodes well for her reign as Queen of the North. 

The "Game of Thrones" series finale broke yet another record for the show, with 19.2 million viewers tuning in across platforms on Sunday night's premiere, The Wall Street Journal reports. The record before was set just one week prior during the previous episode's premiere.