John David Washington Talks ‘Tenet,’ Honors Chadwick Boseman and 'the Legacy That He Leaves On'

'Tenet' is in theaters now
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John David Washington caught up with RADIO.COM's Big Tigger from Atlanta’s V-103 to discuss his new movie, Tenet, and share his thoughts when asked who could replace the legendary Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther.

After a few introductory hellos and praises, the fellas got right to it, starting off by discussing Tenet, the Christopher Nolan film, now officially out in theaters. John David, son of the incomparable Denzel Washington, plays as the film's protagonist and describes it as, “your classic spy, espionage, action-thriller,” but with a “Nolan take.” Further explaining, ”if you’re into Christopher Nolan films, it’s more than what it seems.” As if we weren’t already down when we found out Travis Scott’s latest single “The Plan” played a roll in the movie, consider us officially completely intrigued.

Tigger shifted to the topic of Black Panther, saying “there’s been a lot of conversation,” and “lots of people trying” to come up with who they foresee taking on the heroic role after the tragic passing of Chadwick Boseman. Adding, “your name came up a bunch of times,” referring to John David.

Washington steered the discussion back to Boseman and his legacy, “may he rest in power, we lost a true leader. He’d been leading the charge for a long time… putting in a lot of work. He’s an incredible artist and selfless in nature, humanitarian, HBCU grad… I’m just so proud of what he did and the legacy that he leaves on — being the face of, if not the biggest, one of the biggest franchises in cinematic history." In John’s opinion, talk of a replacement “is too soon,” and according to him, “there’s only one true King T’Challa and that is Chadwick Boseman.” Tigger agreeably responded with “Facts,” and we additionally strongly concur.

Their conversation made it’s way back to Tenet and after Tigger joked about feeling as if he’d seen the whole movie after watching its five trailers, he then asked John David to “tell people the single most important reason why they need to go see this movie.”

“Because it’s an opportunity to ease your mind,” replied John, “… 2020 we’ve been dealing with a lot of trying information and times, and unfortunate situations as a community. There’s going to be great power in seeing a film like this.” Once again in agreement with Tigger’s response, we as well, “ain’t mad at that at all.”

Listen to Tigger’s entire interview with John David above. And if you’re feeling up for a field trip and interested to see how eating popcorn with a mask goes, Tenet is now playing where theaters are open.

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