Kelly Clarkson Jokes How 'Not Cool' She Is After Tripping on Red Carpet


Kelly Clarkson is often seen by fans as a vision of beauty and grace, especially after learning that she hosted this year’s Billboard Music Awards while suffering from severe appendicitis pain. 

Her reputation remains, despite almost faceplanting through her entrance into the Indianapolis 500 this weekend. 

Moments before the “Broken & Beautiful” singer took the stage to sing the national anthem, a short clip surfaced on Sunday of Clarkson arriving on the red carpet. 

Wearing a $2,000, Temperley London dress and platform heels, her foot snags a crack hidden by the carpet, and Clarkson falters, almost taking a tumble. The video shows Clarkson recovering and giving worried bystanders and “I’m okay” wave. 

The songstress was quick to find humor in the situation, retweeting a clip of the near-fall with the caption, “best part of my day is always revealing to people that might not know how utterly not cool I am.” 

Despite the minor hiccup in Clarkson’s evening, she still took the stage for a spotless rendition of the national anthem. 

She even took a moment to shout out the people responsible for her stunning look in a tweet.