Lizzo to Female Fans: ‘Having a Life That Is Emotionally Vulnerable Is So Important'

The “Truth Hurts” singer brings it to Wrigley Field

Lizzo took over Wrigleyville this weekend, rocking the friendly confines outside of Wrigley Field with a show at Gallagher Way in Chicago. But before the “Truth Hurts” singer took the stage, she answered listener questions about becoming an empowering presence.

“I think that they know what the message is. They know from my music and from who I am. I can’t really say nothing right now that they don’t already know about me and I think that’s the point,” Lizzo told B96 in Chicago before her set. “Having a life that is emotionally vulnerable and having transparency with who you are and your identity is so important.”

“At the end of the day, I don’t have to even explain myself to you. You already know. You can look at me and feel better, I can look at you and be like, ‘wow that person looks so confident, that makes me feel confident.’ I think that’s more of a message than anything I can say.”

Even in the midst of a massive year, the “Juice” star is just back from a vacation, having the same Sunday stress that we all have before returning to work. “I’m back at work and so I just feel kind of crazy,” she says after returning from Hawaii. “I kind of let my hair down and relaxed and let my guard down and now I’m back at work. I just got to get that flow.”

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Lizzo has transformed 2019 from an under-the-radar obsession to a chart-topping phoenix. It’s been happening, but now it’s something entirely different.

“Three years ago I was a successful touring musician. Three years ago I was making a lot of money from movies and commercials by using my song. Three years ago I had an incredible team, but this is different now because it’s just the amount of people who know my ****,” she explains.

“My music being on the radio is new and different. I didn’t expect anything like that. I didn’t know how that was gonna happen. But you know, playing shows is what I do best.”

You can check out pictures from Lizzo’s performance at Gallagher Way here.