Maren Morris Talks 'Ironic' Pregnancy News, Mistakes Women Make in Love

Live from RADIO.COM's 'Stars and Strings' in Detroit

A newly pregnant Maren Morris talked for one of the first times Wednesday about the big news she broke on Instagram.

She and musician Ryan Hurd are due with a baby boy in March.

“It’s just cool to be able to talk about it now,” she said at MusicTown Detroit before she took the stage at Stars and Strings.

But it turns out, she wasn’t keeping the secret very well. Morris admitted she’s terrible at keeping things under wraps.

And her pregnancy is ironic, she added, considering she just recorded music about loving chardonnay and not wanting to get up early. “I’ll be like a fun mom, right?” she said.

She admits as someone who’s surrounded by woman and just released an album called GIRL, she was surprised to find herself pregnancy with a boy. “I was so happy with either.”

She added she’s heard from a lot of boy moms since she gave out the news that boys are the best because they always love their moms.

Speaking of love, in an interview lightning round, she said the biggest mistake she's ever made in love is, "not trusting yourself and losing yourself in someone... If I have good news to share that I'm proud of and they immediately want to dog it or throw gasoline on it. That's such a lame, insecure person to be with. Don't do that with a douche (who doesn't deserve you.)"