American Airlines Notifies Thousands of Workers About Job Cuts

By , NewsRadio 1080 KRLD

Massive layoffs are expected at American Airlines, all because of the pandemic.

American Airlines has sent notices to about 25,000 workers that they could be furloughed. This, as demand for air travel remains way down due to COVID-19.

The WARN notices will go to 37% of American Airlines’ flight attendants, or 9,950 people and to 2,500 of its pilots, or 18%, 3,200 maintenance workers and 4,500 fleet service employees, among others, according to CNBC.

The Fort Worth-based airline's revenue in June was down more than 80% from last year, CEO Doug Parker and President Robert Isom said in a note to staff.

“And with infection rates increasing and several states reestablishing quarantine restrictions, demand for air travel is slowing again,” they wrote.

Paul Hartshorn Jr. with the Association of Professional Flight Attendants says the announcement has everyone worried.

"To help mitigate the overages, we have secured improved 'early out' programs for flight attendants with varying options to fit their needs" says Hartshorn.

Some of those options include voluntary extended leaves of absence of varying lengths. 

The earliest that American can begin making cuts is October 1st. That's because it got billions of dollars in federal aid to keep employees on the payroll. That aid runs out on September 30th. 

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