Bart Scott: I Don't Respect Bill Belichick as a Person

Tells Story Of Time Patriots Coach Was Rude To Him

There's apparently no love lost between Bart Scott and Bill Belichick.

On his WFAN show Friday, Scott said of the Patriots' six-time Super Bowl champion coach: "I respect him as a coach; I just don't respect him as a person. This has nothing to do with football. This is like, to me, he's just a rude person."

Talking to guest co-host John Jastremski, Scott told a story from when he covered an AFC Championship game between the Patriots and Broncos for CBS' "The NFL Today."

Scott, who battled Belichick's Patriots as a member of the Ravens and Jets, said he was standing with Bill Cowher and Tony Gonzalez when Belichick approached the group, shook hands and talked with Cowher and Gonzalez, and completely ignored Scott. 

"It took everything of me to remain a professional not to smack the taste out his mouth," Scott said. "One thing I am, I'm a man of principle and respect.

"And I was all prepared to just say, 'Hey, Bill, congratulations.' Like, why you have beef with me?"

Scott said he's since heard from other people who had similar experiences with Belichick.

The former linebacker added that he didn't watch a documentary about Belichick because "I can't look at his face."

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