Home Brewing On the Rise as Stay-At-Home Orders Keep People Inside


PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — As people shelter in place, home brewing is one hobby making a comeback during the coronavirus crisis.

Jason Harris owns Keystone Homebrew Supply in Montgomeryville, PA. He opened his business in 1992 and saw strong growth for about 20 years until the craft beer craze hit. With brew pubs all over the place, the home brewing world changed.

"And so people started spending more time going to small breweries than actually brewing beer at home," Harris explained, "so that had a major effect and we saw a lot of decline from 2013 until now."

That's when stay-at-home orders were declared.

Beer can take some time to make, and time is what many of us have nowadays.

"Could be ready to drink as soon as two weeks, three weeks probably being more likely," said Harris. "And a lot of beers will improve with aging under their belt."

The business sells equipment and ingredients online to be shipped to customers or for curbside pickup, and their online sales are quickly rising.

"We are seeing more people taking more time brewing more batches, or coming back where over a period of time they may have stopped brewing because work got too busy or they had kids," he noted. "We are really starting to see those people come back."

Sales of wine-making kits are on the rise as well.

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