Mayhem in Minneapolis as George Floyd Protests Continue

What started with hours of peaceful protest devolved into looting, fires as police rained down chemical irritant, stun grenades
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Protesters looted Target, Cub Foods, and a Lake Street liquor store while setting Autozone ablaze, as Minneapolis Police officers rained down chemical irritant and stun grenades to try and disperse the crowd.

The second day of protests calling for justice for George Floyd devolved after hours of peaceful protest outside the MPD 3rd precinct. 

At one point in the afternoon community activists from MAD DADs took the mic to plead for peace and respectful protests.

"You gotta be willing to work through the process," Pastor Brian Herron told an attentive audience. "Don't you know the system process is denied to make you quit, to make you feel in despair so that you quit and you turn on each other and you devour each other while they continue to do what they do."

Late afternoon peaceful protest:

Around 5:30, the demeanor changed:

And it escalated throughout the night:

Gov. Tim Walz called for peace:

U of M president Joan Gabel announced the university was cutting some ties with MPD:

St. Paul Police Chief Todd Axtell asked his officers to reflect on the video of Geogre Floyd writing that if officers said they wouldn't have done something differently, "I told them to reconsider their career choice."

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