Man Aims Gun at Black Man Yelling at Diners in Philadelphia About Social Distancing

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Photo credit ChiccoDodiFC/Getty Images

Police in Philadelphia are looking into an incident that was caught on camera over the holiday weekend in which a man is seen aiming a gun at a Black man who was yelling about social distancing to outdoor diners in Old City.

The incident took place on Sunday, as people were outside, sitting at restaurant tables on the sidewalk on 2nd Street close to Market Street. According to witnesses, a man who had been on his bike started shouting at the diners about social distancing and the lack of mask wearing.

The clip of the incident, which was captured on a cell phone camera, shows a man, who appears to be white, pointing his gun at a Black man, telling him to move, which he does — carefully. There’s some yelling from individuals nearby. One white woman in particular is seen defending the Black man, yelling that he didn’t do anything wrong.

The clip was first shared on Twitter by an intern working for City Council member Isaiah Thomas, and has since gone viral on social media.

Some who have seen the video, like Neil Marfatia of Philadelphia, say it’s a sign of how volatile some situationa have become during the coronavirus pandemic.

“It’s scary knowing that it could happen," Marfatia told NBC 10. "I know things are little tense right now.”

The man with the gun, according to multiple reports, is the owner of the Infusion Lounge in Old City. He told NBC 10 it was self-defense; the other guy was attacking him, and he was just protecting himself.

Councilmember Thomas tweeted, "After a weekend of too much gun violence, more guns is not the answer."

Police are currently investigating the incident. Charges have not been filed.

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