Broadway Actor Nick Cordero, Who Had Leg Amputated Over Coronavirus, Improves and Is Off Ventilator


NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- Tony-nominated actor Nick Cordero -- who has been hospitalized since late March and last month had his right leg amputated because of complications from coronavirus -- has been taken off a ventilator, his wife Amanda Kloots announced in an Instagram story post late Friday.

Earlier in the day, Kloots had said doctors would replace her 41-year-old husband's ventilator with a tracheostomy tube, something she said was a positive move.

“He is on the trach! They did it, and he’s OK, and he is free of the ventilator,” Kloots said, adding that doctors were waiting for his health to improve before performing the procedure.

Kloots, a fitness trainer, continued, “We have been trying to do this for Nick for so many weeks now, and it just kept getting stalled and pushed back because of his health.”

She added, “This is just amazing news guys, because we really needed this to happen, to get him off that ventilator. This is a lot more comfortable for Nick, I think he will be feeling, even subconsciously, feeling better, and I hope this is a great sign for some good recovery days ahead.”

Cordero -- whose Broadway credits include "Bullets Over Broadway " and "Waitress" -- has been in ICU at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles since March 31. The coronavirus was out of his system by April 24, according to test results.

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