Will Antonio Brown Ever Play in the NFL Again?


PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan) - Former Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown is facing felony burglary conveyance, misdemeanor battery and misdemeanor criminal mischief charges from the state of Florida going back to that incident with a truck driver outside his house on January 21st.

It's merely the latest in a long line of issues Brown has been caught up in over the last year plus. Currently the NFL is still investigating a rape allegation against him by his former trainer Britney Taylor and Brown would need to be reinstated into the league. 

All of that being said...are AB's days of being in the NFL over? 

The Fan Morning Show discussed this on Monday morning. 

"We've said before that if you're not incarcerated the NFL will generally find a place for you to play if you're talented enough. There's no question he's talented enough. But he's also knuckleheaded enough to where he's right on that edge of testing that hypothesis. He's pushing the limit on that," said Colin Dunlap.  

The other thing about it is when he gets in, there's still a timeline that needs to develop thereafter. Whether it's 6 months or 6 games, it's not like 'We want you. OK, come on our team and play on Sunday.' So this process may last long enough and scare people off enough to where he gets talented out of the league either by age or other people coming along and taking all the jobs." 

Chris Mack says the risk involved is now outweighing the potential reward with Brown, especially with the cumulative time he will have taken off. 

"It's a whole lot easier to do those kinds of things, make those kinds of catches, run those routes that precisely and perfom those skills when it's on a field against some dude from down the street that maybe runs track for a local college. When you get out on an NFL field, it's a whole lot harder to pull those things off when you haven't been doing them at that level and you've played one NFL game in the last calendar year. 

And you're getting older. You're now into your early to mid-30's. And you've got all these disciplinary issues piling up on top of you. I just can't see a lot of teams willing to take the risk at this point given the fact that the reward is just not worth it." 

Having said that, both recognize that it only takes one team to be interested and take that chance. 

Do you think we see AB on the field again? 

You can hear the entire discussion between Colin and Chris on The Fan Morning Show from Monday morning below.        

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