Pop-Up Rat Bar Coming to San Francisco This Summer


A San Francisco pop-up bar wants you to throw back cocktails while actual rats climb all over you.

The Rat Bar is launching for just three days in June as part of a promotion for the San Francisco Dungeon, a haunted house-type tourist attraction near Fisherman’s Wharf.

But before you can share some bonding time with your whiskery friends, you’ll need to take in the organizers’ performance piece.

For $50, rodent-loving drinkers can throw back an Ama-RAT-O Sour cocktail while watching an hour long interactive show about the city by the bay’s weird and twisted history.

Viewers will experience recreations of some of San Fran’s darkest moments including Chinatown gangs, the plague and the ghosts of Alcatraz. There’s even an underground drop ride to get you even more spooked for the main attraction.

Once the show is over, the rat-infested antics begin as brave customers will get 30 minutes to hold, play and let their vermin pals run amok.

But don’t worry, these aren’t your typical subway rats. All of the critters are provided by the non-profit domesticated rat organization Ratical Rodent Rescue.

After all the furry creatures have been safely caged, bar crawlers can continue to enjoy alcoholic beverages at a cash bar and purchase items from the event’s gift shop.

The rat bar is the San Francisco Dungeon’s latest publicity stunt after previously promoting their show with a rat café in 2017.

“Let’s be honest – pastries and coffee were nice and all when we hosted the Rat Café but that was a lot of work,” a marketing rep for the pop-up said in a press release. “This time, get drunk, see our show, touch rats and get drunk some more.”

So, don’t get mousy, because The Rat Bar will only be open for business from June 13-15th.