SCREENSHOTS: 'Queer Eye' Is Back With 'One of the Best Seasons Ever'


Get the tissues, because the third season of Queer Eye has dropped and it’s got all the heartfelt makeovers that you can handle.

The Fab 5 return with their trademark tips, wit and emotional reveals alongside a new batch of heroes, but the show is also changing things up a bit.

"I always tell people that we feel, as a five, that this is one of the best seasons ever," culture expert Karamo Brown told E! News. "We do more women this season; we have our first lesbian."

The 38-year-old believes part of what makes the new episodes better is how the five hosts have grown closer since the show relaunched in 2018. Yaaasss queen!

"Because a year ago when this came out, we were still strangers,” Brown added. “We loved each other, we had a great chemistry, but now we are into it. We know each other. We know when Jonathan is about to go in for a, ‘Yes, queen!' and is going to give us a funny joke and they also know when I'm about to go in for a deep moment and have some tears coming."

Returning to the hit series with Brown is resident hunk and culinary guru Antoni Porowski, grooming god and king of the one-liners Jonathan Van Ness, fashionista Tan France and interior design extraordinaire Bobby Berk.

Also, this season finds the Fab 5 relocating from Atlanta to help the style-challenged residents of Kansas City. Making America gorgeous again!

All eight episodes of the third season of Queer Eye are streaming now on Netflix.