Stars and Strings: Dustin Lynch Takes Us to His Hometown Inspiration

Backstage at RADIO.COM’s event in Brooklyn

2020 is a new year, and a few new beginnings for Dustin Lynch.

The “Ridin’ Roads” singer just slid into a new relationship, but more importantly he is about to unleash some new music on the world. Tullahoma is the fourth album from Dustin Lynch, inspired by his hometown of the same name. It offers a backdrop for a few of his most proud and personal songs yet, so we had to hear more about this magical land.

Before Lynch took the stage at RADIO.COM’s Stars and Strings in New York, we asked him where he would take somebody if they only had 24 hours in Tullahoma.

“Oh easy,” he says confidently. “I’m gonna send them to both distilleries. We make whiskey there. You’ve got George Dickel whiskey and right down the road you’ve got Jack Daniels. I’d send them on both those tours, and of course that gets the day started off great” he smiles.

“We’ve got a couple great bars believe it or not, with some live music on the weekends, so I’d probably send them there.”

If we make it through two distilleries, we’d be happy to squint our way through the rest of Tullahoma. “When you start at the distillery early on, everything’s gonna be great about the city,” he adds with a laugh.

Tullahoma arrives everywhere on January 17. Lynch will then return to the road on January 30 for another tour across the country.

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