Stars and Strings: Kane Brown Raves About ‘Really Smart’ New Daughter

Catching up with singer backstage at ‘Stars and Strings’ in Chicago

Backstage at RADIO.COM’s Stars and Strings in Chicago, Kane Brown is glowing with joy.

The “Heaven” singer welcomed his daughter Kingsley Rose Brown into the world in October, and just the mention of her and his face lights up. “She’s really smart, I mean she’s already pulling her ‘passy’ in and out at a month and two weeks,” he brags. “She loves lights. I don’t know if that’s a baby thing or what but she’s just very aware.”

Brown and his wife Katelyn announced they were pregnant in April, and revealed the name Kingsley after a shower thrown for the couple by Jason Aldean and his wife Brittany. Kingsley arrived on October 29, and Brown seems forever changed.

“That’s my girl,” he smiles wide. “And the doctors said when she was first born that it was the best baby lungs they had heard in a while, so I think she’s got her mom’s voice.”

Speaking of Aldean, the “We Back” singer is currently crashing at Brown’s house, on loan from Kane and his wife. “When they move out our house will be ready to go for sale,” he explains. “I went and cleared everything out that was over there. I still gotta go get the pool table but that’s about it.”

We love it when our favorite artists are trading spaces, and are so happy for Kane and his family. You can more from Kane Brown and all of Stars and Strings in Chicago here.

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