Eco-Friendly Fashion Forward Brands to Shop

Photo credit Photos by The Fan Street Team

There is such a thing as #1THING Fabulous Fashion Shopping.  Here are 5 brands that show they have Mama Earth in mind while keeping you Fashion Fabulous!

 5  Eco-Friendly Fabulous Fashion Forward Brands:

  1. H&M Conscious Collection: organic linen, cotton and silk... TENCEL .. recycled polyester are just a few Green fashion forward concepts in this line.
  2. Patagonia :Produced the first polyester fleece jacket from recycled bottles (video below). They increased the use of recycled polyester and use it for base layers, shell jackets, board shorts and fleece. Organic cotton production has become a big influence in their lines. Worn Wear initiative encourages to keep their gear longer by repairing, reusing and recycling. Just a few of the Green Fashion Forward concepts that are incorporated in the Patagonia line.
  3. Eileen Fisher: 2020 Vision combines Human Rights & Sustainability thinking about the Fibers, Color, Resources, People, Mapping & Reuse. 
  4. Thought: Natural, recycled and organic fabrics. Organic cotton, hemp bamboo and & more. Keeping their carbon footprint to a minimum making clothing in one location.
  5. Mud Jeans: All Mud Jeans have post-consumer recycled denim & organic cotton. Right now only 40% because the technique to recycle to create the jeans makes the fabric weaker. Mud Jeans' goal is to design jeans made of 100% recycled denim. They also want to make sure farmers have a living wage.They are working w/ several partners to make this goal happen in their jeans and knits. 

Lots more here on these brands that have more than 1 #1THING in mind for their lines. 

Here's what Patagonia's first fleece jacket created out of recycled bottles looks like ...