I'm Listening: Why Michael Ray Had to Share His Struggle With Anxiety

The “One That Got Away” singer hopes he reaches those in need

“I just thought, if I feel this way, somebody else does and I need to reach them,” Michael Ray says, reflecting on his own struggle with anxiety.

The Country star knew something wasn’t right, but it wasn’t until a doctor addressed his mental health issues that he began to understand, and found a calling to share. “I think for a long time, especially as a man, you don’t talk about it. You just kinda find a thing to numb it and go on with your life,” explains Ray. With a better grasp on his own struggle, Ray decided to let the world know in hopes that anyone going through something similar would know they’re not alone.

“I got on Snapchat just to go, ‘hey you know what? I know people look at me and think hey everything’s going great and you got everything together and everything in your world seems fine. But it’s not, and here’s what I’m going through,’” recalls Ray. The impact was immediate, with fans sharing their own story with him, and thanking him for talking about his anxiety. Many like Ray, didn’t know what they were going through at first, but the “One That Got Away” singer’s struggle help them identify their own issues.

Michael Ray will be a part of I’m Listening on Sunday September 8, as all Entercom radio stations across the country will mark the start of National Suicide Prevention Week with a special two-hour commercial-free broadcast dedicated to ending the stigma of talking about mental health.

“It made me realize that I need to open about this, and help as many people as I can,” adds Ray. “You can be as strong physically as you want to, but if the mental isn’t there none of this matters.”

At 7 AM local time on September 8 on your favorite RADIO.COM station, you can call-in live and join artists like Michael Ray, athletes, and medical professionals for an in-depth conversation about mental health and suicide prevention.

Prior to Sunday’s show, please SHARE YOUR STORY on how mental health or suicide has impacted your life. Select stories will be included in the broadcast.

For more information on this year’s broadcast, visit ImListening.org.