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Save Your Nose From Summertime Allergies!
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Summer is here. And sadly, so are the allergies. Ugh. That means constant runny noses, coughing fits, scratchy throats, and tingly nostrils are taking over your life. IYKYK.

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Dealing with a combination of these symptoms can be draining and uncomfortable, especially during the warmer months. Although relief seems out of reach, there are ways to combat the harsh realities of seasonal sniffles, and natural antihistamines might just do the trick.

Antihistamines are great for allergy relief. Typical over the counter medications like Zyrtec and Claritin aren’t as effective as antihistamines found in nature’s backyard. Natural antihistamines can be the way to go, and they are much more affordable than traditional forms of treatment. Found in various forms of produce as well as plants, here are some options to check out!

Stinging Nettle
Found in a common shrub, stinging nettle, when taken orally, shows promising effects of allergy relief. It can be purchased in teas or as supplements and can be found in your local grocery store.

Quercetin is an antioxidant that can be found in a variety of produce, like onions and apples. Studies have shown that it reduces a gene that causes allergic responses. By adding more quercetin rich foods into your diet, you can help suppress allergy severity easily!

It comes in three different forms: pill, oil extract, or dried. It is a type of plant in the daisy family and can help with seasonal allergies, especially when they are nasal. While not as powerful as other natural antihistamines, it’s definitely worth a shot when your allergies are driving you up a wall!

Bromelain is found in pineapples, so this is not only an effective antihistamine, but also a scrumptious one! Something as simple as increasing pineapple consumption can help reduce your seasonal allergies.

Don’t keep dealing with bothersome allergies this time of year when there are so many natural solutions that can help. Save yourself from the constant cough drops and tissue by exploring these natural antihistamines.

And if you are dealing with chronic allergies or a severe allergic reaction, you can always connect with our friends at Virtua Health to get the care you need.

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