Earth Day Tips and Activities For Your Family

Earth Day

Looking for some FUN activity ideas and tips on how you can do your part for Earth Day? We've put together a list of ideas on ways you can celebrate Earth Day at work, in your community, and at home!

Earth Day takes place on April 22nd every year. People around the globe celebrate the holiday by participating in activities and events to help protect, preserve, and improve the planet we all share. At B93.7, we believe in the power of 1Thing. By changing just 1 Thing in our lives, we can each make a difference for our planet. 

According to, Earth Day was born in 1970, 50 years ago, at the start of the modern environmental movement. During the time leading up to Earth Day’s inception, America was in a state of turmoil, thanks to factors like the war in Vietnam and Rachel Carson’s NYT bestseller Silent Spring. The book (published in 1962) ushered in a watershed moment, selling more than 500,000 copies and raising public awareness about environmental concerns. On April 22, 1970, 20 million Americans from all walks of life took part in public demonstrations all over the country, rallying for increased environmental protection and sustainability efforts. By the end of that very same year, in addition to the first celebration of Earth Day, the United States formed the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and initiatives such as the Clean Air Act, and Endangered Species Act. Today, Earth Day is now celebrated in over 192 countries across the globe.

How you can help protect, preserve, and improve the planet:

  • Use LED lighting or CFL bulbs instead of incandescent lighting as it’s proven to last longer, which reduces the need to keep purchasing light bulbs.
  • Put on an extra layer of clothing instead of turning on the heating.
  • Turn off your lights when you leave a room.
  • Hang your wet clothes on a drying line or rack instead of using a powered dryer.
  • Start timing your showers.
  • Take the stairs over the elevator.
  • Don’t use plastic bags at checkout. Instead, take your own bags for groceries.
  • Support fashion brands that are ethical and environmentally conscious.
  • Collect scrap paper in a tray.
  • Turn off your computer before leaving work.
  • Share products with your family, e.g. toothepaste, shampoo etc.

Fun Earth Day activities can be found HERE.

PLUS, check out Roper Mountain's Science Center's Virutal Earth Day HERE. Fun educational activities for all ages will be provided each hour, and some amazing prize packs will be made available to win – including two one-year Family Memberships to Roper Mountain!