10/13-Full Show- The Gabe & Nina Podcast

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Gabe & Nina's 6 @ 6 - Adelle was spotted hanging out with Chris Brown at his house the other night, Gabe thinks it's just for music reasons, but Nina not so much. What does Nina think is happening there? Her and Gabe discuss this and more on the 6 @ 6.


Throwback Trivia- This TV show first aired in 1997, it starred Sarah Michelle Gellar playing as Buffy who's job is to destroy dark forces of blood suckers on Earth. What's the name of the show ?


Nina's Night Routine - Do you have to do certain things before bed ? Nina sure does and takes about 45 minutes for her to do. What's your night time routine and how long does it take you to finish ?


Baby Daddy Check-in - Whitney is pulling the hair off Gabe's chest! How does Gabe feel about it ? The duo discuss it on the baby daddy check-in.


Wake Up Wars- Vik is only one win away and Dean is here to play spoiler. Can Vik win his breakfast of champions or will Dean's streak begin?


Gabe's Going With The Spanx - Gabe wasn't feeling himself in his button up over the weekend, so Nicole suggested some Spanx. Should Gabe try them out?


What's Your Favorite Halloween Candy?- Every Halloween there had to be that one piece of candy that you absolutely despised getting. Gabe & Nina share theirs, do you agree with their list ?


TMI Tuesday- Gabe & Nina are talking keywords on certain sites. This can either be very helpful or just too much information.