11/2-Full Show-The Gabe & Nina Podcast

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Gabe & Nina's 6 @ 6- M.I.T. has found a new way to track covid and they're putting together an app for it! Gabe & Nina share the details of this story on the top 6 @ 6.


Throwback Trivia - This classic holiday movie came out in 1990. It starred actor Macaulay Culkin, the house the movie was filmed in is located in Wilmette, Illinois. Do you know the name of the movie?


I Want My Ex Back - Luke let the jealousy get in the way of his old relationship. He didnt like where she worked and decided it was best for them to see other people. Now, she's changed jobs and Luke had a change of heart. He wants his girl back, but will she want luke back ?


Baby Daddy Check-In - Daylight savings time isn't interrupting Whitney's nap time. She's on her own schedule and Gabe is here to tell us all about it on the baby daddy check-in.


Wake Up Wars - Ryan is back to defend his "wake up crown"! Alexa joins the show to try and take down the champ and perhaps save Gabe & Nina a couple bucks.


Where was all the trick or treaters?- Gabe & Nina talk about their Halloween experiences that happened over the weekend and ask the question everyone was asking, where was all the trick or treaters at ?


Baby Proofing The House - Gabe & Nicole have been advised to start baby proofing the house! Where does he start and what does he need?


Nina @ 9:30 -Mercury is out of retro grade, but does that mean your luck will turn around? Nina gets her astrology on and lets you know if you should be careful or be happy.