Logic Spends $226K on a Rare Pokemon Card

20 August 2018 - New York, New York - Logic. 2018 MTV Video Music Awards at Radio City Music Hall.
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My first respose when I read that was - people still play Pokemon?! :p

The answer is a big fat yes, and they are dropping big dollars on it!

According to TMZ, Logic spent $226,000 on a rare first edition card (Charizard)!

This is a record for Nintendo collectibles (the amount spent)

As someone who is not a collector of anything (dust bunnies under my couch maybe) this blows my mind! That's the price of a house!

I am a little confused though. Logic did post about spending a lot of money on a rare box of cards on his socials:

If you notice on the post he says he spent $23,000 (not $226K)- which is still a crap ton of money - and he does show the Charizard.

Either way, Logic spent a LOT of money on Pokemon cards!

Would you spend that much on a collector's item?