Guy Tells Cops- "You Can't Play Led Zep Quietly"

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This guy may not have a ton of respect for his neighbors, but he has respect for the work of Jimmy Page. A 60-year-old woman in Huron, Ohio called the cops around 1:30 A.M. on Saturday when her neighbor wouldn't stop BLASTING music. The neighbor is a 40-year-old named Nathan Rock . . . and his last name tracks. When the cops went to talk to him, he told them he couldn't turn down the volume because, quote, "You can't play Led Zeppelin quietly." Rock was actually playing the music on his guitar and singing along.  And even though right NOW he works at Wendy's, he told the cops he was, quote, "trying to practice as he intended on booking studio time in the near future to record an album." The cops warned him that if they got another complaint, he'd be charged with disorderly conduct. 

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