Major King of the Bayou Shake Ups This Week!

Vegas Jake Gives His Weekly King of the Bayou Updates

How'd you do on the King of the Bayou Football challenge this week? Where are you on the Leaderboard?

It's really simple, all you have to do is Sign Up and pick which pro teams will win their games each week. Whoever wins the most gets the loot!

Vegas Jake has your weekly updates on how the Bayou Brawlers stacked up.

Pick the best each week to win free stuff. End up with the best record for the season? You'll win over $6,000 prizes including $1,000 in Zuppardo's Family Market gift cards, a jersey and football autographed by Mr. #9 himself, a diamond ring for your Queen, and a 65" 4K Smart TV. And the best prize of them all...the title KING OF THE BAYOU!

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