Woman Hides Meth In Vagina (VIDEO)

3 Points with Coleman

Come take a look at the wildest current events and latest in rock/pop culture through the prism of Coleman's perspective.

When something major goes down in New Orleans and around the world, anyone can tell you what happened. Anyone can repeat that same talking points you've already heard everywhere, over and over again. But no one can give you a deep dive into the details that you've missed like Coleman can!

"3 Points with Coleman" is a video series in which Coleman of Bayou 95.7 gives you '3 points' of crazy current events and local buzzings that are overlooked and shows you headlines from unseen angles.

In this edition of "3 Points", Coleman inspects the details about the woman who hid a bag of meth and a pipe inside of her vagina.

Check out the video and hear what three points Coleman picked up on that everyone else missed!

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