Those Drivers Who Merge At The Last Second? Are they Right or Wrong?

Right Lane Closed Ahead
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It's happened to all of us at some point, We're on our way to Granny's house, or work, or a date or any number of other important engagement, and we see the dreaded traffic problem. "Left Lane Closed" (or right land! They're equally annoying!)

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So what do you do, Get in the open quickly, or do you wait to the last second and merge over? Well as it turns out, we're supposed to wait and merge over at the last minute. It's called "The Zipper Merge."

With the zipper merge, you stay in your lane and move over at the last second, with drivers from each lane alternating entry to the single lane. According to several studies, It’s the most efficient and safest method of merging into one lane.

Some states are trying to educate their drivers to use the zipper method. Kansas has a pretty funny video about it

So, What do you do, merge over ASAP or wait till the last minute?

Featured Image Photo Credit: Getty Images