5 Things We Do to Make Ourselves Feel Healthier

By: Kelly Meyers

Perception is the reality thanks to social media. Want to feel like you're living your best life?

You can easily manipulate your life in photos and videos to hide that your life isn't picture perfect, too. When it comes to being healthy, it seems that if you don't document it on social media, it didn't happen. 

Did you go to the gym this morning and kill it? Well, if there's no gym selfie or photo of your Apple Watch's workout stats, it clearly didn't happen. 

Ultimately, I think most people would like to be somewhat healthier. According to a new study, on average a person uses six health-hacks per week to try to reach their goals. 

What are some of the little things we do in an attempt to feel more healthy? 

  1. Eating more fruits and vegetables: 71%
  2. Limiting sugar intake: 54%
  3. Buying more produce at the grocery store: 53%
  4. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator: 46%
  5. Carrying around a reusable water bottle: 44%
  6. Meal prep: 37%

What do you do to make yourself healthier? Or, at least, feel healthier?