Report: NFL Team Executives Believe 2020 Season Could Be Delayed


Though the NFL is apparently chugging along with plans to hold the Draft in late April despite the concerns of teams, there is also apparently a growing belief within the league’s teams that the 2020 season could be delayed due to the current coronavirus pandemic.

According to a Twitter report from Bleacher Report, NFL coaches and front office executives “believe it will be nearly impossible for the season to start on time. Some believe training camp will start in the fall.”

Bleacher Report did follow up with another Tweet noting that nothing is anywhere near official at this point, but rather that those inside the league are dealing with the same uncertain reality that the rest of the world is facing in these extremely uncertain times. The coronavirus pandemic has already shut down most of the sports world, including season delays for the NBA, NHL and MLB. The 2020 summer Olympics have been postponed as well.

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