Jacoby Shaddix of Papa Roach Loves to Embarrass His Kids in Public

The truth about being a rock star dad

When Jacoby Shaddix isn't touring or recording with Papa Roach, he is at home being dad.

"My middle-born son Jagger is been play drums since he was three and now he's fourteen almost coming up on fifteen next month, and he's a slamming drummer," explains Shaddix in an interview with Mistress Carrie from WAAF in Boston.

His son is the latest in a long line of musicians, with music running through generations of his family.

"My grandmother she was a singer, she sang in like chorus lines," he adds. "And her father... he was in the big bands. He was a traveling musician. He played for the Marx Brothers in their pit orchestra, and he also was a jazz drummer." 

Now the tradition continues with Shaddix raising some future rockers of his own. "My little baby boy Brixton, he's five and he thinks he's a rock star" he smiles.

Shaddix reveals that his five-year-old son likes to go full-tilt when jamming on his child-size Zakk Wylde guitar, while his older son like to reserve space in the garage for his drum set. They're cool, but one of Jacoby's favorite guilty pleasures about being a dad is being able to embarrass his kids in public in front of all of their friends.

"My older son he's always like, 'Dad, turn the music down,' when I'm dropping him off [at school]." And before leaving, Shaddix makes sure he gets the last laugh. "I'll drop him off, roll down the window, and I'm like, 'I love you my little bubbers! Have a good day at school bubbers! Call your mom afterwards, we'll pick you up!"

You know, rock star dad stuff. "It's what I do. I gotta embarrass him."