Costco Samples Returning Soon? New Photos Reveal Demos Back Up in Some Stores

By , ALT 103.7

Back in March, Costco shoppers were disappointed to find out the store would no longer be handing out free food samples.

While this took away a number of shopper’s favorite aspect of Costco, it was done in order to keep customers safe. Now, it appears demos are starting to return, but with a twist.

There has been no official word on the return of free samples from Costco, but shoppers at particular locations have begun to see sample kiosks return to stores.

But while the kiosks may be a welcome return for shoppers, there appear to be some changes, with only dry and packaged goods apparently being put out for display.

As seen in a recent photo shared by Instagram user @CostcoGuy4u, a display case lays out dry ingredients, with plates of cooked dishes featured in a plexi display case.

While customers wait for full-on free samples to return, many shoppers will be happy to see the store on the road back to normal.

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