Red Lobster Employee Spots Rare Blue Lobster in Recent Delivery to Restaurant

By , ALT 103.7

This happens about once in a blue moon.

Blue-shelled lobsters are extremely rare, so it’s unlikely one would end up accidentally on someone’s plate.

Still, that was almost the case at a Red Lobster in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, as the extremely rare lobster ended up in a recent food delivery to the restaurant, reports ABC News.

Luckily, an employee spotted it, and contacted conservationists, saving the lobster’s life.

The rare lobster is now being held at the Akron Zoo, has been named “Clawde,” and has its own special tank called “Clawde’s Man Cave.”

“The connection between the Akron Zoo and Red Lobster came from a conservation partnership called Seafood Watch,” Akron Zoo wrote in a Facebook post. “The program, run by the Monterey Bay Aquarium, strives to help consumers and businesses choose seafood that is farmed sustainably and fished in ways to support a healthy ocean. Both the Akron Zoo and Red Lobster are conservation partners with Seafood Watch.”

It will now remain at the Akron Zoo, instead of on someone’s plate at Red Lobster.

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