Study Shows Pets Have Been Gaining Weight During Lockdown

Just Like Their Owners, Pets Have Been Less Active Since March
By , ALT 103.7

Staying in shape over the last few months has been tough for many humans as they’ve remained stuck in their homes amid the coronavirus pandemic.

According to a new study, it has been equally hard for those people’s pets.

While quarantine was great for pets at the beginning, with the extra time spent with their owners, now it appears many have gained weight by adopting the same homebound lazy lifestyle.

Wakefield Research for Banfield Pet Hospital recently conducted a survey that revealed about 33 percent of pets have gained weight since March, reported the New York Post.

The so-called “Quarantine 15” has affected our four-legged friends too.

“People are home all day with their pet on their laps like, ‘Oh, you’re so cute. You deserve a treat. These fun food treats that they love are in the rank of burritos and ice cream for us humans — and can pack on the pounds really quickly,”  Dr. Ann Hohenhaus told the outlet.

Due to this weight gain, many cats and dogs are now being put on new diets by their owners. Dr. Hohenhaus advised pet owners to only allow treats to take up only 10 percent of the animals’ daily caloric intake.

In addition, she urged owners to make sure their beloved pets get daily exercise.

“People with little dogs and cats are very tempted just to pick them up and carry them around because they’re cuddly, but they need to walk and they need to do stairs,” added Hohenhaus. “[Otherwise,] they lose that muscle strength.”

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