Dr. Chris Speaks with Dr. Laura Rhodes-Levin on How to Be Full of Care, Not Full of Fear

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On Monday's "I'm Listening: Stay Connected," Dr. Chris Donaghue covers what one should do when living with others who still have to go out for work. Whether you're living with a roommate or a loved-one, how do we navigate having conversations with these people in our lives, especially when they pose a potential risk to our health?

Next, Dr. Chris is joined by women's health expert, Dr. Jennifer Wider, M.D. Dr. Chris and Dr. Wider delve into the appropriate usage of masks when going out in public and highlight saving N95 masks for health care professionals on the frontlines. Dr. Wider also breaks down crucial differences between allergy symptoms and COVID-19 symptoms.

Finally, Dr. Chris concludes his show with Laura Rhodes Levin, LMFT of the Missing Peace Center for Anxiety. Dr. Chris and Rhodes Levin share how to stay grounded in a time rife with anxiety. Levin shares that we should be "full of care" rather than "full of fear." So much of the narrative that we are seeing on social media and the news right now is fear-based. Rhodes Levin gives us tips on how to still stay informed without being charged with an abundance of fear-based content. She makes the analogy that limiting daily news consumption is like eating broccoli - we have to have our veggies, but it's not the only thing that we have to consume. ​

Stay tuned for tomorrow's show at 5PM PST/ 8PM EST as Frankie Grande joins Dr. Chris on "I'm Listening: Stay Connected."

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