Taylor Dayne Says the World Has Needed This Time to Reboot & Heal on 'I'm Listening: Stay Connected'


Tonight on "I'm Listening: Stay Connected," Dr. Chris Donaghue was joined by, 'Tell It to My Heart' singer & rock icon Taylor Dayne. Dayne discusses how she is channeling her creative energy during a time when resources are limited. She shares that this is a time to be "reflective" rather than creating. Dayne emphasizes how we rarely, collectively have the time to be with ourselves.

Dayne shares with our audience that its okay not to be creating right now. She continues by sharing that she feels that this time of self isolation and social distancing was the form of restoration and healing that humanity has so sorely needed.

By highlighting the fact that she is still sharing her music for those who need it right now, Dayne feels that she can still provide a creative energy to her fans and listeners. She is continuing to collaborate with other artists to share live concerts on social media while at home in her Uggs.

Dayne also touches on being a single parent in the age of COVID-19 and stresses the importance of making sure our kids are aware of how crucial it is to social distance. 

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Getty/ Rick Diamond