California no longer planning to switch to permanent daylight savings time

Daylight savings
Photo credit Rabbitti / Getty Images

UPDATE: assemblyman Kansen Chu said this week that the bill is dead and was never brought to a vote in the state legislature. “Unfortunately, the California State Senate Committee on Energy, Utilities and Communications did not bring AB 7 up for a vote and the bill died. While I will not be coming back as a State Assemblymember next year, I will continue my advocacy at the state and federal level to uphold Californians’ will to get rid of our outdated practice of switching the clock back and forth twice a year. I urge everyone who voted for Prop 7 to reach out to your state and federal representatives and ask them to continue my effort in the upcoming legislative session,” Chu told CBS8.

You might recall back in 2018 when California voters approved Proposition 7. That proposition gave the California state legislature the ability to insitute permanent daylight savings time for the state, barring congress approval.

San Jose assemblyman Kansen Chu was behind that proposition and is still committed to making it so Californians no longer have to spring forward, or fall back, as he says "we must end this archaic practice once & for all".