Pandemic Causes Rental Car Companies to Sell Vehicles at Discounted Rates

Millions of vehicles need to go
By , The New ALT 105.3

In the wake of Hertz Rental Car filing for bankruptcy, CNN is reporting that the brand needs to sell off a large portion of its cars and won't be buying anymore in 2020.

It's also reported that other rental car companies who are struggling amidst the coronavirus pandemic need to get rid of large portions of their fleet that are currently going unused, and it's expected that buyers will be able to get these used cars at a significant discount.

Rental car companies already sell lots of cars per year at discounted rates with no haggle pricing and long tryout periods where you can get those cars checked by mechanics and really get a feel for them.

You can visit rental car websites and check out their cars for sale options to see what's available. Here's Hertz in San Francisco for example.

For more head to CNN.

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