H.E.R. Expresses a Collective Pain in Powerful New Song 'I Can't Breathe'

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We have been celebrating the entire month of June in light of Black Music Month. We come to recognize that our history in Black culture is Black music. As we celebrate a time specifically dedicated to Black music in June, it is partnered with the power of 'uneteenth.

There has been an immense highlight on the special holiday as we are in an ever-changing society, and several aspects of history have been exposed for the greater good. Many companies have decided to honor the holiday allowing time off to its employees, and our musicians have been slowly but surely coming out with content in light of our current time.

H.E.R. has released a new single title, "I Can't Breathe," which comes from a common phrase we have heard ringing through the lines of protest, due to the recent death of George Floyd.

The song comes with such a powerful message yet an incredibly beautiful sound. We don't expect anything less from the West Coast singer as H.E.R. is one artist who knows how to express her pain in an enticing way.

"The revolution is not televised, media perception is forced down the throats of closed minds," she sings. "So it's lies in the headlines and generations of supremacy resulting in your ignorant, privileged eyes."

"I Can't Breathe" brings a plethora of emotions to the table as we are the center of black plight. "I Can't Breathe" is the epitome of protest music, her lyrics come as poetry that speaks the truth of Black reality. H.E.R. gracing us with this song on a special day like Juneteenth means more to the culture then she'll know.

During this challenging time, songs like "I Can't Breathe" are needed due to its power and voice, but unfortunately, it becomes triggering. As the words within the song speak to the current time, it gives us all more the reason to keep pushing in the fight. Still, today on Juneteenth, it should remind us of what we are fighting for but allow us to take some time today to celebrate our power and how far we have come.

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