Bad News, Eagles Fans: Jalen Ramsey Traded to Rams


The dream is over -- the Eagles won't be getting Jalen Ramsey. 

According to an ESPN report the Jacksonville Jaguars will be trading Ramsey to the Los Angeles Rams for two first-round picks and one fourth-round pick, the rumored package the Jaguars were looking for in exchange for the elite cornerback. 

The Eagles were rumored to be in on Ramsey, but if they were, apparently the trade demands were too high for Howie Roseman to pull the trigger on a deal. 

Here are some thoughts on the trade and how it impacts the Eagles:

*** Ramsey being traded to an NFC rival is not ideal, considering the Eagles will be competing with the Rams not only potentially for a playoff spot, but potentially in the playoffs if both get there as well. Ramsey adds yet another elite-level defender to the Rams' roster, pairing him with defensive tackle Aaron Donald. Give the Rams credit -- they are all in and are not afraid of spending big draft capital to land elite talent that can help now. 

*** Roseman's decision to hold onto his draft picks could be viewed as him not feeling very confident in this current group, or not viewing them as legitimate Super Bowl contenders. The Rams clearly feel they can win it all this year by adding Ramsey. We will find out at the trade deadline just how much Roseman actually believes in this current roster. 

** For as much as Roseman is always rumored to be involved in landing elite players via trade, the reality is he rarely pulls the trigger on the deal. Since taking back over in 2016 his one big-time trade was when he moved up the draft board to land Carson Wentz with the No. 2 overall pick. Outside of that, Roseman has passed on bringing in Jadeveon Clowney, Antonio Brown and now Ramsey. You can debate which deals he should have made and which he was wise to pass on, but there is no debate that Roseman has shown he is simply not as willing as people think to deal big-time draft capital for proven players. 

*** It is possible the Eagles make a move for another cornerback, but with Ramsey gone, the only elite-level player that is even potentially available is Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson -- and that feels like a like shot. The Eagles could make a move for a lower-level player, but the reality is that the Eagles might be prepaired to ride out the rest of the season with their current group of cornerbacks. Time will tell whether they will be good enough to keep this team in the playoff hunt.

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