Here's Your First Look at Apple's New iPhone 11


(Mix 104.1) -- It's a big day for Apple users!

The company is currently holding their Apple Event where they showcase all the upcoming new products. Today's most notable product is the launch of the brand new iPhones.

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We're finally getting the official first look at what the new iPhone 11 will be like. It has significant upgrades to the camera including the wide angle feature, which most people are already getting excited about on social media. What's funny is that the new camera design is already turning into a meme! 

Apple has outdone themselves again with the quality of this product. The price for the new iPhone 11 will start at $699!

Apple always does it big and they did not just stop at the iPhone 11 -- they created the iPhone 11 Pro! Most notably -- this phone has 3 camera lenses on the back which tbh looks a little much but it probably takes an incredible photo.

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Since this is the first Pro series iPhone you can expect that the specs live up to the name. It's made of surgical grade steel, utilizes the A13 Bionic Chip, high performance CPU core, Machine Learning, Pro Photography, and more. The best things about these phones is that they will get 4 hours more battery life than the XS model and 5 hours more than the XS Max mode.

The price for the new iPhone 11 Pro starts at $999 and the iPhone Pro Max starts at $1,099!

Take a look at this new model below!