Chase Rice Writes First Country Song About Coronavirus

He channeled his anger at COVID-19 into a song

What does a country singer do while practicing social distancing and self-isolation? Write a new song of course.

And that's exactly what Chase Rice did, but the song is not about beer, trucks, or girls. Nope, it's about the widespread COVID-19 pandemic.

Yes, Rice actually wrote the first Country song about the coronavirus. He is not happy with the way it has affected live music in the Country community, so he wrote about his anger and the dedication of a country music fan.

The song clearly expresses what has been on every Country fan's mind with all the disappointment surrounding tour postponements and festival cancellations. Rice continues to sing that while the virus may think it has defeated the Country music industry, it does not realize the true heart and soul of a fan. COVID-19 does not know what it is up against.

Rice starts the song with, "Dear corona, you don't know the heart of a country fan. You don't know that we don't give a damn," explaining that the music fan base will continue to support its favorite artists and rise up together to attend all the concerts and shows as soon as the pandemic has subsided. 

The virus may have thrown a wrench in a lot of artists' and fans' plans, but it will not stop them from coming together to suport on another.  

Rice also went on to show his gratitude to his fans saying he knows without them, he is just a guy with a guitar. If COVID-19 has taught him anything, it's to appreciate his career and thank the people who helped him on his journey.

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