Dierks Bentley Pledges to Pay Employees as Nashville Bar Closes Amid Outbreak

Bentley's Whiskey Row will be part of the city's shutdown

Nashville's Lower Broadway bars are closing amid the growing coronavirus concerns, including Dierks Bentley's widely popular Whiskey Row.

In order to help the 90 hourly employees that will be temporarily out of a job, Bentley has pledged to gave each $1,000. He said in a tweet that he was giving the employees that money immediately as he remembers what it was like to work for tips in that industry.

"My heart goes out to all the guys/girls down on Lower Broad. Feels like yesterday that it was me down there working for tips," he wrote. "I am going to immediately give each of our 90 hourly employees $1000 to help in the short run as our community and country try to get a handle on the situation."

Bentley also encouraged all bar and restaurant owners to do the same, urging them to help their employees while their doors are temporarily closed. He ended his announcement with, "Lower Broadway is the heartbeat of Nashville. Let's make sure we help the folks that help make the music happen."

Earlier this week, all bars on Lower Broadway in the city were ordered closed, as concern continues over coronavirus. Several states across the country have asked nonessential businesses to close during this time.

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