Kip Moore Opens $5,000 Tab at Nashville Restaurant to Help Locals


It has always been said that the Country music community is unlike any other. The artists have formed a tight-knit family that really looks out for their fans and each other.

When the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic made all the bars in Nashville close their doors for dining in patrons, both Dierks Bentley and the guys of Florida Georgia Line paid their employees $1,000 upfront to help them with their bills.

Kip Moore may not own a bar on Lower Broadway, but he still wanted to help the locals, so he decided to do something different. Moore opened a running bar tab at Wild Cow in East Nashville and let anyone use it that was ordering to-go or delivery.

The tab totaled $5,000 and Moore tweeted that it will be running until it's all gone.

After the tab was finished, Moore then decided to donate an additional $2,000 to the Wild Cow staff to help during these difficult times.

Even the smallest act of kindness could make the biggest difference for someone during this confusing and uncertain time. Remember to try to help those in your community if you are fortunate enough to be able to.

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