EXCLUSIVE: Third Eye Blind’s Stephan Jenkins Wants to Bring Back Jousting

The Belmont Stakes would be a different world if it were up to Jenkins!
Photo credit © imageSPACE

By Jordana Kalmanowitz

Put on your finest hat and start placing your bets because it’s that time of year: the Belmont Stakes. Will Justify crush the competition through the rain and mud yet again? (Yes, that’s what Saturday’s forecast is looking like at the moment.) Your guess is as good as ours. 

However, what we definitively CAN tell you is that there will be plenty of entertainment for your (potentially not-so-sober) enjoyment! 

Headlining the event on Saturday, June 9 is award-winning rock band for the ages—and by ages, I mean you, your parents, and even your 13-year-old neighbor all love them—Third Eye Blind. We caught up with frontman Stephan Jenkins, who is just getting over his bronchitis, which he battled through last weekend at Governors Ball, to chat about the Belmont Stakes. 

While talking about the annual event, he came up with his own idea for an equestrian performance sport. Just a warning: You will need to curb your moralia for just a moment.