Dr. Phil Discusses Coping and Talking With Children About Kobe Bryant Tragedy

Dr. Phil called in to The Gary Bryan Show Monday morning

Hearts have been heavy since learning of the passing of Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna, and the 7 others who were killed in a helicopter accident Sunday morning.

Earlier this morning, The Gary Bryan Morning Show was taking calls from fans looking to share memories of Bryant and express their grief.

Dr. Phil, a friend of the show, called in to discuss the situation and offer advice on how to cope with the accident, how to talk to children about it, and more.

When asked about what kind of advice he could offer, Dr. Phil responded, "Everybody has their own way of dealing with grief, but then we have a collective consciousness also. The community has a collective consciousness."

He continued, "I really think it's important, and we have to think about the children as well because that's a subset, but I really do think it's helpful to do observances and have memorial services where you really do acknowledge a person's life. The main thing is to talk about it."

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If you're planning on having a conversation with your child, Dr. Phil offers this advice, "Listen to their questions and answer at the level of their curiosity. You just don't want to go taking them down a path they don't go down."

"Even at 10 years old, kids don't really always understand the gravity and permanency of death. Let them guide the conversation," he says.

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