5 eco-friendly ways to help protect yourself from COVID-19

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Life during the COVID-19 pandemic has change how we live. Safety and protection is a top priority when heading out to live our lives. Wearing a mask, having hand sanitizers, social distancing are all things that are important for everyone's health. Although when it comes to the PPE essentials needed for our protection and safety from COVID-19, they are damaging the environment. Here are ways to help create a healthier environment. A Big 1Thing Win for All!

5 eco-friendly ways to help stay safe from COVID-19.

1.) Organic Hand Sanitizers - Use non-toxic hand sanitizers that kill Coronavirus, but the ingredients that work are safe for the environment. Here are some to try.

2.) Reusable Facemask - Masks have proven to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 along with social distancing. Rather than a disposable mask that ends up in landfills and waters, use reusable and washable 3ply masks. There are even ones you can plant. You will reduce the amount of waste produced, and keep safe. Kinder facemasks for the planet.

3.) Plexiglass Shields - Another good way to reduce the spread of coronavirus without damaging the environment. Creating a barrier sneeze guard that stays in place. Wipe them down with eco-friendly disinfectant often.

4.) Refillable Soaps - Washing your hands with soap and water for 20 -30 seconds is the best way to stop the spread of viruses / germs. Many times soaps come in single-use plastic containers, that increase plastic pollution. Consider eco-friendly hand soap refills or choose brands that have a plastic-free or recycled material packaging. Combo of hand soaps and soap cleaners.

5.) Look After Yourself - Masks, shields and hand cleaning is important, while looking after yourself makes for the best protection from COVID-19. Include eating a vegetable-rich diet. Exercise at least 30 minutes each day. Get a good amount of sleep ... 7-8 hours is prime. Take vitamin and mineral supplements. All these things help boost the immune system, which help protect you.



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