Don't toss your mask — How to reuse your face covering for planting


Wearing a mask during this COVID-19 pandemic is the responsible thing to do to help save lives — but wearing a kinder eco-friendly mask can also save the planet.

What's being called "COVID Waste" is turning up in landfills and bodies of water creating tons of waste. Masks are a big part of this waste. Why toss your mask when you can plant it?

Sustainable brand Junk Not Eco Creatives got together with Tuy Arts and Design and created #PlantYourMask.

Many have been spending more time urban gardening, so why not keep the mask out of the bin, and into potted soil.

The face mask they created is called "Koobly" from the word "kubli" which means "cover."

Koobly features Tuy Art Design's signature product, abaca paper. Inside vegetable seeds encouraging those who wear one to start or add to their own urban garden. Infusing the masks with seeds makes it better to plant. Big win for saving lives and the planet!

“Originally, our company manufactures handmade paper. At the start of the quarantine we thought of giving face masks made out of it to frontliners here in Tuy, Batangas and nearby towns,” said Anna Marie Afable of Tuy Art and Design. “Putting seeds in handmade paper is the idea of Willie Garcia of Junk Not.”

“Our company is working with the wives of sugarcane farmers and we get our materials from the waste of a company making abaca carpets in Bauan, Batangas,” Afable told Manila Bulletin Lifestyle, per Manila Bulletin. “Since our masks are infused with seeds, planting them is better than throwing them away.”

The Koobly masks are available in pechay, chili and mustard — all seeds that can easily grow in cities. Once the mask is visibly dirty or torn, wearers can remove the garters and plant biodegradable masks.

“Thanks to abaca pulp being biodegradable, the masks will not add to the tons of non-biodegradable masks that have made it to the ocean,” Afable says. “These masks eliminate the harmful effects that can endanger the already threatened marine ecosystem.”

A reusable mask made from sustainable materials is another option that can help save lives while saving the planet from COVID Waste. Here are 13 kinder eco-friendly mask options ...

1. United by Blue Salvaged Hemp Blend Face Mask
2. Oh Seven Days Oh Mask
3. Summersalt Face Coverings
4. Collina Strada Fashion Face Mask With Bows
5. Nisolo Upcycled Linen & Cotton Lined Mask
6. Onzie Mindful Masks
7. Threads for Thought Triblend Jersey Face Mask
8. Animalia Elephant & Sloth Face Masks
9. Jennifer Behr Face Masks
10. Madewell Non-Medical Face Masks
11. Lola Loves It  Skintone Cotton Reusable Face Mask
12. St. John Pique Tiger Print Mask
13. Graf Lantz Organic Cotton Face Masks

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