Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B team up for new track Dinero

Find out who wrote J.Lo's favorite line off "Dinero"
By Audacy

What do you get when you mix J.LoCardi B, and DJ Khaled all on one song? The song of the summer, that's what! Seriously, whatever these three touch always seems to turn to gold -- or perhaps we should say "Dinero?" 

So, what is Jenny from the Block spending her "Dinero" on these days?  Turns out, not that much…


How did these guys team up, you ask? Well, when J.Lo originally heard the track she immediately knew she wanted Cardi B featured on it. Keeping up with her on social media even before her "Bodak Yellow" success, J.Lo was always a fan. And I think we can all agree, no one can turn down a J.Lo track – so, alas, the ‘Jenny from the Block’ – ‘Cardi from Pole’ duo was born. DJ Khaled quickly stepped in on the production side and there you have it -- the recipe for a smash hit.

Check out the video for "Dinero" below and stay tuned as we have some more exclusive content from J.Lo coming your way soon.