Papi or Pedro? Yankees Fans Pick Their Arch-Nemesis


The late 1990s and early 2000s heralded the arrival of a new, fiercely contested chapter in the storied Yankees-Red Sox rivalry.

With it came new villains.

Chief among them were arguably the best on each side of the ball for Boston: David Ortiz, the feared slugger, and Hall of Fame ace right-hander Pedro Martinez.

Which of them did Yankees fans love to "sports hate" more? WFAN host Evan Roberts put the question to fans on Twitter.

Some respondents seemed to suggest they had more bitter memories of Ortiz, because his Red Sox teams of the late aughts and early teens were more successful. Meanwhile, the Yankees had gotten the better of Martinez more regularly, who famously admitted the Yankees were his "daddy."

The poll closed on Friday afternoon with more than 18,400 votes cast.