EXCLUSIVE: Kylie Minogue Dishes on Recording Her Album in Nashville & More

Plus, have you seen Kylie's AWESOME boots?!

Kyle Minogue released her fourteenth studio album, Golden, earlier this spring, but it has a bit of a different vibe than what we've heard from the dance icon on her previous thirteen albums.

Yeah, it's a little of a country influence, right? Well, Kylie explains in our EXCLUSIVE interview below that she actually spent some time in Nashville working on the album. Let's go behind the album with Kylie:

We're just sorry that you didn't get to meet any cowboys in Nashville, Kylie! By the way, did we mention how AWESOME Kylie's cowboy boots were? Look at them here:

Golden, by the way, features the hit single "Dancing," which has already become one of our favorite tracks of 2018. Click here to purchase the album right now.

Of course, when the dance music icon stopped by to chat with us, we wanted to have a little fun. So what happened when we asked kids to show off their dance moves to Kylie? Let's just say that it was TOTALLY adorable! Check it out: